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To the Woman Who Gave Me Life

Not even the most intricately woven combination of words will ever suffice to express my gratitude for you. That being said, on this day of celebration of the world’s most important job, I feel that I must give it a try.

You taught me everything. From the language of my ancestors, to the importance of discovering my true purpose. From the seemingly lost arts of common sense and deduction to the meaning of compassion and empathy. From the significance of world travel to the most basic practice of healthy eating. From quick wits to appreciation of the creative arts.

From a young age, you encouraged me to think critically, to be skeptical, to pose questions, to challenge the systems in place. You taught me independence, self-worth, and that with dedication, I could manifest even my wildest dreams. You ingrained in me the necessity to live life passionately, and with meaning.

You never let me accept mediocrity, and always challenged me to search deeper, to go further, to be the best version of myself. You always pushed me towards personal growth and self-awareness. You highlighted the momentousness of never ceasing to learn. You lead by example, teaching me the beauty of creativity, gratitude, and philanthropy.

Though I have always been difficult to manage, you chose not to crush my spirit. You chose to let me express my outlandish self, even if that meant that I wore the same cowgirl vest for two years. You chose to listen carefully to a three year old rambling on about past lives, and even engaged me in conversations, to help me remember. You chose not to sedate me with drugs, which would have surely made me more manageable. You chose to let me make my own choices, despite them differing from the ones you may have had in mind. You chose to let me continue believing in magic.

There are times, I am certain, when it would be easier for you to navigate me towards safer shores, yet despite your trepidation, you help me set up my sails. Luckily, my moral compass now rarely leads me astray, and you are to thank for instilling it within me.

For your patience, your courage, your understanding, your encouragement, and your unwavering love, I am eternally grateful. Thanks Mom for being who you are.


Your Difficult and Often Unmanageable Youngest Child.

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