• Dré

I Am a Bat

I am a bat so, how do I go out into the light? At 0734 day after day, like I don’t miss, crave, yearn for the night. I miss the night. And how do I, How do I Pretend it’s alright? There, there. It’s all alright.

I am a bat so, how do you sink your teeth into me so deep? Sweetly in my sleep. and I like having you close. But. I loathe anyone close, except for you, except for you. Until I do, Until I do.

I am a bat so, how do I even attempt to hide?.. These fangs, and wings, and loathsome things why aren’t you scared? —are you scared? You should be. You should be Afraid of the dark. Eyes, follow you through the dark.

I am a bat so, how do I speak in recognizable tongues? Do I? I must have learned them by chance, By terribly unlucky, bewildering chance. I deny though, the existence of luck. There is no such thing as good or bad luck. I think, A lot, I think.

I am a bat so, how do I even begin to explain? Perpetual disdain, With necklaces of garlic Bats, vampires, loathe garlic. And this life, it is tragic, So perfectly, unbearably tragic. Oblivion, the most common solution. But what is even a solution?

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