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Envision 2016; A Catalyst for Magic.

My grandfather was a magician. He taught me that magic was not a series of tricks or illusions but a real phenomenon that was, at any given moment, all around us. I spent the first part of my life, as many children do, living blissfully under this conviction. I did not need to question the existence of magic nor its origins, as I felt its presence. 

As my exposure to the world broadened, my belief in magic began to wane. You see, dreamers and believers in magic do not fare so well in a society dominated by pragmatic paradigms and one dimensional thinking. The more I questioned its veracity, the quicker it faded, until it eventually vanished, altogether. 

Sometimes, I managed to catch glimpses of this magic. When I sang. When I interacted with animals. When I watched the sun set over breathtaking landscapes. When I allowed myself to be gently rocked by ocean waves. When I learned to surf. When I fell in love. 

Lamentably, these glimpses were brief and easily interrupted.

After a tempestuous year of heartache and harsh realizations, something began to stir within me. As I finally took the time to get back in touch with my inner being, things began to fall into place. Thoughts of my grandfather and of the way he had manifested magic in his life allowed for a shift in my consciousness. Thus, my journey back towards enchantment began.

I will not bore you with the illogical trajectory nor with the inexplicable magnetism that drew me to Envision 2016. All you must know is that I found magic in a place I  had never planned on ending up.

I found it. Harvesting compostable foliage in the depths of a family-run banana plantation; breaking to sample fresh cacao, plantain and sugar cane. 

I found it. In the inaugural cutting of a ribbon, symbolizing the opening of a community youth centre; the product of perfect strangers passionately working as one towards a common goal.

I found it. In the smiling faces that found each other in the middle of a crowded jungle and together built a temporary community based on acceptance, empathy and love.

I found it. In the brief exchanges where no words were required for hearts to connect. 

I found it. In the sparkle of so many eyes that met mine, mirrors into the beauty of each and every soul.

I found it. In the gentle hand of a beautiful nymph that guided me towards light, when my mind endeavoured to pull me back into the shadows.

I found it. In a safe haven where the serene presence of angelic beings was not only seen but felt for miles.

I found it. Lying flat on the earth, euphorically observing as humans transformed into celestial dancers, spinning and twirling around me, as the sun perished into the horizon.

I found it. In the entrancingly freeing fluidity of movement that comes with a complete disassociation from the mind and the physical world.  

I found it. In the motion of the soothing yet corybantic waves crashing over me and pulling me further into the ocean's misconstrued embrace. 

I found it. In the goose-bump inducing conversations that lead to otherworldly, profound interconnectedness with strangers.

I found it. Carelessly pirouetting around thousands of dreamlike fairy-tale creatures, all uniquely adorned in colours and lights. 

I found it. In the meditative contemplation of infinity; the feeling of oneness with all that is, ever was and will be.

I found it. Oscillating upside down in a fuchsia hammock 6 feet off the ground; enthralled by the neon glow and the electrifying energy of ecstatic souls saturating the surrounding air.

I found it. Waking up in the rubescent glow of dawn, to the sound of one of my favourite sets, alongside kindred spirits who now, felt more like family.

I found it. In the complete and total present-moment awareness that results when one ceases to resist what is; a state of blissful elation beyond the scope of my wildest dreams. 

I found it. Simply by being a part of Envision.

Envision has been a catalyst for self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Through various awe-inspiring experiences and encounters, I was able to learn to access magic once again and on a deeper level than ever before. More importantly, I have determined its source, which has lead to ease of admittance into this marvellous realm, so long as conscious living persists.

If you're wondering what I am referring to when I use the term "magic", you may find yourself underwhelmed by my interpretation of the term. 

Magic is not a foreign and inaccessible dimension. It is not fantasy nor fiction, nor is it reserved only to witches and warlocks that we read about in books. It is in fact, quite the contrary.

Magic is the only thing that is real for it is nothing more than full acceptance of the present moment. In this sense, we are all magicians, so long as we simply allow ourselves to be.

Magic is Now.

Thank you Envision for Being.

Love. Light. Magic. 

Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica, February 2016.

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