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Choose Love

Remember when the world went crazy? Fear not, you needn't search too far into your memory. You must not actually look any further at all, for I am referring to the reality in which we currently live.

Right away, I can picture fingers being pointed. I also imagine that they are all being pointed in the wrong direction. It seems that we are all blaming one another for this catastrophe. Certain nations, cultural, political or religious groups are the ones who are most frequently inculpated. Regardless of who you have chosen to vilify, please take a second to consider what I am about to say. I want us all to put our egos aside for a minute and turn the attention inward. 

Let’s be real. We are adults. It is time that we start behaving as such. So here it is…Most of us are aware that the world is undergoing a crisis of sorts and the truth is that we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

We must realize that the plight that plagues us, as of late cannot be attributed to any specific person, group or country. The burden can no longer be thrown around as if in a game of hot potato. The hatred that is at the root of the world’s current unrest is entirely a product of our doing. We are its fuel.

Next time you try to pass the blame, honestly ask yourself whether you are contributing to the solution or to the problem. You may be surprised by what you find when you drop the bullshit act and actually begin to dig deep within yourself for the truth. It is pretty straight forward. If you are not propagating love, then you are fuelling hate. 

Every time we judge one another. Every time we fail to consider and respect our differences. Every time we shun the unfamiliar simply because our tiny little closed minds cannot understand it. Every time we choose ignorance over veracity, pride over empathy, segregation over unity, war over peace . Every time we form discriminatory opinions of others without first, taking a long, hard look at ourselves. We are fuelling hate. We are ourselves, the problem.

As humans, slaves to the egoic mind, we are so fearful of being flawed or weak or wrong, that we continue to externalize the blame. Perhaps we continue this endless game of finger pointing for we loathe accepting any part in the madness. There is this alarming sense of apathy, this disassociation from the issues and our contribution to them. It seems it helps us get to sleep at night; the notion that we are innocent little things, void of any responsibility towards our peers, our fellow species and our planet.

Are we so self-righteous that we would rather accept hate as an inevitable part of our lives than take a second to introspect and challenge our long-ingrained, flawed and prejudiced thought patterns? 

Wake up.

What has hate done for us lately? What has it done for us ever? When has the world ever been ameliorated by its proliferation?

It has injured. It has killed. It has divided. It has imprisoned us in a perpetual state of suffering, which we have now accepted as inexorable. It has hindered us from realizing our true potential; as individuals, as couples, as families, as friends, as communities, as nations and as a race, as a whole. It has impeded our ability to live our lives to the fullest and to co-exist harmoniously with all that surrounds us, as the universe intended us to.

I thought by now that we would understand. I thought by now that we would do better. But here we are. Still judging, still classifying, still isolating, still fighting, still hating.

Perhaps attempting to see things through the eyes of a more untarnished version of ourselves may be helpful..So what would the 3 year old within all of us do? 

Would 3 year old you shun a stranger based on their gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation? Would 3 year old you pass judgment on someone without understanding what they have been through? Would 3 year old you feel the need to belittle others simply to make yourself look or feel better? Would 3 year old you be so intolerant that you are unable to see the beauty in those who differ slightly from what you perceive as “normal” or “acceptable”? Would 3 year old you even allow these abhorrent thoughts to exist? Essentially, would 3 year old you look up to the person whom you have become?

There is so much beauty in this world. There is so much to love. There is so much to learn from and to share with one another.

Where there are differences between us, there are more similarities. Where there is ego, there is an opening for consciousness. Where there is ignorance, there is an unparalleled opportunity for growth and development. Where there is darkness, there is the option to be the light. Where there is hatred, there is exponentially more love. Always. I promise. 

This promise could mean nothing to you. It could be empty. It could all be fake. I could be a liar. I could be one of those to blame. You could label me and others, as you often do. You could choose hate again. You could choose hate for the rest of your life. You could perpetuate the cycle. You could be the problem, rather than the solution. 

But tell me, when that time comes and you look back on your life, will you leave behind a legacy of love or of hate?

I am no expert on world issues or as to what is truly needed to resolve them but what I do know is that after a long time of choosing hate, it has become evident that love prevails. It is and has always been the answer.

The beauty of it all is that we hold the power. We are the decision makers. Every single day, we have a choice. We can choose love over hate until it is no longer an option but an innate reflex, that renders us serene and euphoric.

In a world threatened by the rise to power of dangerously unconscious, autocratic leaders and an ever-growing socio-economic and political instability, we simply cannot afford to choose hate any longer. I urge you to choose wisely.

Choose acceptance. Choose understanding. Choose inclusivity. Choose empathy. Choose open-mindedness. Choose open-heartedness. Choose peace.


Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica, February 2016.

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