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BE Love.

I recently published an article about the importance of love in a world increasingly governed by hate. My exasperation towards society’s disconsolate state of being culminated in this passionate piece, whereby I implored readers to make a choice. I urged them to choose love over hate.

In retrospect, I may have been trying to grasp or simplify a concept which I did not really understand. To be frank, even as I write this, there is a subdued stirring within me, serving as a reminder that my full comprehension of this topic is likely still light years away.

That being said, this love, this phenomenon which has the power to alter and heal the world, is far too important not to be discussed at every opportunity. So here I am, at twenty-five years old, re-evaluating the meaning of this seemingly simple, yet somehow incessantly evolving word…again.

The past few months have been riddled with arduous circumstances and painful learning curves. However, I have come to appreciate that, sometimes, the silver lining of the darkest clouds is the one which glitters most fiercely. In this case, somewhere along the chaos, I found myself enraptured in life-altering experiences and among souls bold enough to challenge me to think differently. To think differently about the way in which we approach this ethereal experience—love.

So I am here to own that my approach was all wrong. To regard love as a choice undervalues its true meaning, its power. Perhaps such an assumption implies that it is believed to be a phenomenon of this dimension; the one in which we regard ourselves as nothing more than our minds, our physical bodies.

I suppose that this illation is merely a reflection of the human desire to grasp concepts that are not of this realm; experiences that are too complex and too beguiling to be explained in a logical manner. As inquisitive and logical beings, our human condition forces us into a relentless fixation on attempting to make sense of that which we do not comprehend. As per institutionalized education's teachings, all phenomena can be measured, quantified, understood. But how does one measure love? How does one quantify magic?

Love, this ultimate universal expression of perfection cannot be measured using the pragmatic, logical type of problem-solving and knowledge-acquisition that we have been taught in classrooms. How can we truly express or understand the depth and scope of true, unconditional love when we approach it from a dimension to which it does not belong.

Einstein once said: “Problems cannot be solved on the same level at which they were created”. When applied to love, our conditioned responses and our pre-conceived notions on the matter alienate us from the solution, the meaning, from being able to experience it in all its splendour. We simply cannot access a limitless phenomenon within a realm governed by limits. In this instance, it seems then, that the only option is transcending the domain of physicality and entering into the ether, where love cannot be limited within the bounds of reason and practicality.

Despite the unsettling feeling of being unable to logically explain a concept, there is great freedom that comes with accepting that some things are simply nonsensical; that the answers to some questions lie far beyond the scope of science and logic.

So maybe magic is of this world and we have managed to overlook it by trying to simplify it, define it, understand it. Maybe we have unknowingly undermined it, reduced it to a learned behaviour, reserved to those who share our DNA or for whom we develop romantic feelings. Maybe we have limited it to this one-dimensional world to make ourselves feel better about not truly comprehending its essence. Or perhaps, we avoided delving into its true meaning for fear of its depths.

Luckily, deep within ourselves lie the answers that we seek so desperately to find. So I think it is safe to eradicate our logical minds when it comes to this otherworldly experience. Let us be taken by it in all its nonsensical, unexplainable magnificence. Let us offer it to everyone and everything we encounter without expectations, conditions, or reason. Let us not perceive it as a choice but as a state of being. Let us not simply choose love. Let us be love.

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