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A Tower With a View {Poem}

Take my hand, my love Let me assist you I wouldn’t want you to fall upon dismounting Your horse is so very high Can you hear me from up there? In that ivory tower, your new home sick. trick. A sudden drop could be devastating. captivating I should know you didn’t have me at hello goodbye hit me like a tonne of bricks sick. tricks.

I drop off my dry cleaning, shouldn’t have worn silk Muddy footprints on my shoulders where you stood Did you forget how you got up there? glare empty. Remember? You feared nights are the worst dreams. screams. the laser beams in your eyes, my expeditious demise.

I feel You win, You’re the king. Sting. No happy ending. I didn’t want you Until I did Stop. You’re making a scene Making me a fiend Not your queen. Cut me down Climb up now higher Fire. You’re scared Can you hear me from up there, in that ivory tower you call home? You love the view, don’t you?

Silence is golden but, Please tell me more lies Whisper your sweet nothings Bring me back to life Dreams. Screams. laser beams in your eyes cut me down with those laser beams. in. your. eyes. I love the pain Northern skies, A brilliant disguise. Get out of my mind, Trojan horse. Remorse this is my fault?

I love it when you talk dirty But go on, kill me with reticence Bite my neck, pull my hair Fill me up with doubt I bite your soul Pull, no rip, your heart out. of your chest Crumble. You’re weak. Can’t even speak I’m Rapunzel, evicted You just wanted my tower And how can I blame you? It’s got the best view.

Burning Man, NV, August 2017.

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