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Step into your highest expression.

Lifestyle Alchemy, Transformational & Creative Mentorship for multi-dimensional, soul-driven badasses all around the world.

I offer 1-1 virtual Regression Therapy, Energy Work, Transformational Mentorship, & Creative Coaching for those who are ready to do the inner work required to step into a new, elevated dimension of being.

My methods are for you if...

⤅ you feel stuck or stagnant

⤅ you're ready to let go of limiting stories,                 beliefs, and habits

⤅ you're done playing small 

⤅ you desire to live life on your own terms

⤅ you crave freedom and fulfillment

⤅ you have big dreams and ambitions

⤅ you're ready to step into your purpose

⤅ you're feeling creatively blocked  

 you're seeking guidance overcoming                     trauma, addiction, or self-sabotage  


Early, Womb, & Past Life Regression

Your soul has been around for a long time--hundreds, if not thousands of years, during which time you’ve taken on various incarnations. Sometimes, trauma can be carried over from childhood, and even from one lifetime to another causing chaos or holding you back in various ways. This experience is centred around getting acquainted with your unique auric field, learning to tune into the etheric body, making the emotional-physical connection, and beginning to heal trauma by starting to release stagnant energies from your past.



Everything is energy. Every ailment and issue, whether physical, mental, or emotional stems from an unprocessed emotion that got trapped in the body somewhere along the way. Over time, trapped emotions turn into blockages that hold us back from living the lives we desire. Tuning into the auric field and energetic landscape allows us to pinpoint the areas where blockages exist, and begin moving the stagnant energy, so that it may flow freely, allowing you to come back into alignment. This work is like a factory reset where old programming that is no longer serving you is released in favour of more conscious, constructive beliefs and behaviours.


Calling all creatives. If you're desiring to birth a creative project but are feeling stuck or finding resistance, I got you. I'd love to discuss your vision, assist you in refining and polishing your message, and guide you as you uncover your most authentic and purposeful expression, which is ultimately the one that will most deeply resonate with your dream audience.



My signature program is an immersive 12 week experience where we dive into the deepest parts of your psyche to uncover your innermost truth. I guide you through the B.T.A.I. process, which empowers you to release what no longer serves you, so that like the Phoenix, you may rise from the ashes, into the life you've always dreamed of. The experience is customized to meet your individual needs and includes a combination of energetic alchemy techniques such as reiki, early, womb, and past life regression, cathartic release, breath work, guided meditation, among others, as well as Mentorship and Integration tools, so that you're fully supported on your journey.


Whether you’re new to the realm of alchemy and transformational mentorship, or a seasoned veteran desiring to find out more about how we can co-create an alchemical experience together, I’d love to connect with you and learn more about your desired personal or creative outcomes.

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