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I’ve always been bat-shit crazy, at least by a broken society’s standards—which is perfect because the bat is my power animal, and how overrated is sanity anyway?

From the time I could talk, I was telling stories about past lives in gory detail (sorry, mom), speaking unrecognisable languages with my team of “imaginary friends” (spirit guides), seeing energy (auras), and translating messages from the animal and angelic kingdoms (channeling). 

My greatest mentor, my Abuelo, was a frequency wizard who taught me everything he knew, and I was deeply enchanted by all things witchy and magical. 


I wasn’t sure where it came from, but I had this unshakeable knowing that I was destined to live a magnificent story and remind others that they could too.


Fast forward to 2014 and I had become the queen of ticking off socially-imposed boxes. 

Go to university and study something of zero interest to me 

Graduate with honours

Get an office job

Drink away my misery on weekends and arbitrary holidays             created by white men

Be in codependent relationships and abandon my ambitions

Be on infinite medications to mask physical symptoms                       screaming at me that something is wrong

Spiral into a deep depression

My life became this paradox where the closer I got to the dream that society told me I wanted, the further I got from my own. I “had” everything but I didn’t have myself. I didn’t have freedom. I didn’t have magic.


Although it nearly killed me to leave my comfort zone, I somehow mustered up the courage and ventured into the luxury super-yachting industry.


Soon, I was living my lifelong dream of travelling the world. I found myself in the most exclusive destinations on the planet, having experiences I’d only seen in movies, wearing designer clothes, making it rain on rooftop bars with real-life versions of Michelangelo’s David.


Yet, the same emptiness I’d been running from came back with a vengeance. Before long, I spiralled into alcoholism, addiction, promiscuity, materialism, and an escalating array of eating disorders. Self-sabotage is a fickle bitch.


You know that moment when you wakeup with no recollection of the night before, only to look over and want to gnaw your arm off to avoid the person beside you? 


Well, that’s the kind of rock bottom experience that made me send myself to a detox retreat in the South of Spain. There, I immersed myself in spirituality, meditation, and energy work. It felt like coming home. Thus began my alchemical healing journey.

Synchronicity lead me to places, experiences, and mentors that empowered me to amplify and harness the mystical healing powers of my youth. The more I reconnected with my inner divinity, the quicker I began to heal and transmute my darkness. 

Destructive patterns, poor habits, physical ailments, and limiting beliefs that I thought would haunt me forever began evanescing into thing air, and I felt myself rising into new dimensions of alignment. 


Where traditional healing approaches had failed, my inner alchemist had prevailed. I became my own healer. It was as though I had taken the quill back into my own hands and was now the empowered writer of my story.  


Over the last 7 years, I’ve been on an international spiritual scavenger hunt, collecting wisdom, lessons, and transcendental healing tools from around this world—and others ;-). I’ve lived many wild lifetimes within this short incarnation, and have delved into the brightest, darkest, and most “are you fucking kidding me” corners of the human experience… 


And I wouldn’t trade any of it because dancing in those dimensions has equipped me with the ability to serve others as they too find their way back toward freedom and sacred embodiment.

My raison d’être is to be a catalyst for freedom within and without.

I’m not here to heal you, I’m here to remind you that you are the healer you seek.

You are the writer, the narrator, and the main character of your story, if you choose to be.



Dear Client,

I'm about to get deep and poetic with you (in case you couldn't already tell by the deep and poetic photo of me to the left).

I believe that you have come here because on some level, your soul is seeking to know itself better, to remember the magnitude of its own divinity. My deepest desire is to provide you with a sacred container where you feel safe, seen, and heard so that you have space to heal the parts of you that are yearning for your love and attention. A place for you to explore the depths of your emotional, spiritual, and cosmic waters, without fear of  judgment, and with full permission to be exactly as you are. 


I understand that you may feel skeptical or uncertain about delving into this realm and that’s perfectly fine. I salute you for your healthy skepticism. A wise man once told me that it’s important to be a good skeptic, which entails being skeptical of all things, not only those which fall outside the confines of what society has deemed acceptable or “normal”. And so, I invite you to trust yourself. Trust that you have come here for a reason. Trust in universal synchronicity. Trust that there are no coincidences, and that if even 1% of you is curious about mysticism then there’s something for you here. Something that may help you heal, learn, grow, and release the blockages that are holding you back from stepping into your most authentic and magnetic expression. 


I am here to guide you on your path. I will never claim that I can climb the mountain for you, or miraculously place you at the top, for only you know how to get there in your own divine time. My job is to point out pivotal spots on the map, hold out a loving hand in those moments where you feel that you might lose your footing, and help you remember that you’ve climbed far bigger mountains before. 


What we experience together is a co-creation between yourself and Spirit. I am simply here to facilitate, assuming the role of channel, through which the communication occurs. In French, my last name translates to “Shiny Bridge”, and that’s what I do, I help bridge the gap between yourself and your divinity, for in that space of remembrance that you are the saviour you seek, is where miracles ensue.

With love & reverence,