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Welcome, Fellow Freedom Enthusiast

I’m going to be very real with you as it seems that the more I get to know myself, the less able and willing I am to mask my truth.

Authenticity is an intoxicating mistress. 

Over the last year, I've rewritten this page half a dozen times. Each version, though slightly less cringeworthy than the last, always fell short in communicating who I am and what I do on this planet. With each reiteration, I found myself disenchanted by the choreographed words that fed my intellect but starved my soul. 

I had allowed myself to believe that the purpose of this page was to convince you of the value of my work, to present proof of my worth—to share some secret potion that would magically evanesce all of your life’s quandaries. 

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I now understand that there is nothing to prove, nothing to do. All there is is to be me and to allow that to resonate with you…or not. And that’s beautiful and perfect too.

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My purpose on this Earth is to be a catalyst for freedom within and without, to empower sovereign beings to come home to the truth that what you seek has always been with you.


Years ago, I wrote a poem that read: 

“Everything and nothing. 

Together and alone. 

Here and there”.

As I sat with how to introduce myself,  it struck me that those three lines are about as close as I can get to encapsulating who I am and what I do because even for a wordsmith, language is limited and limiting.

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I'm Dré.

Way Shower. Mystic. Writer. Speaker. 

Adventuress. Catalyst for Freedom.

Everything and nothing.

I am a channel, an ever-evolving vessel for source. The hollow bamboo through which the divine facilitates healing experiences and a-ha moments. I’ve gathered dope tools along my tumultuous journey that I've used to alchemise my life from chaotic shitstorm to purposeful joyride. Like you, I am a flawed human. Like you, I am perfectly divine.


Together and alone.

I do not call myself a healer because I believe that you are the only healer you will ever encounter. Like a sherpa, I’m here to guide you, but I cannot climb the mountain for you. In the ethereal realm, we are one and the same. In the physical realm, while I am here to provide pointers, you’re the only one who can decide whether you will choose to rise.


Here and there.

My last name means Shiny Bridge and that’s what I do. I help bridge the gaps . Between you and your divinity. Between abstract concepts and tangible applications. Between the shadows and the light that's possible when one is bold enough to do the work. My job is to reconnect you to the truth that you  have always been absolutely and incontestably free.


Free to live your own story. Free to level up.

Free to create whatever reality you bloody well choose. 

Seven years ago, I embarked on an international spiritual scavenger hunt...

Gold Liquid




Single Sessions

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Client Love

"Dré guided me through one of the most profound, powerful, and intense experiences of my life, when I decided to explore a Past Life Regression. Her passion for energy work was evident from the moment we began. Dré created a safe, comfortable space, and I softened into the knowing that I could trust her completely. I could sense her soft, calming, and guiding presence throughout the whole journey which allowed me to breathe deeply into the whole experience. I honestly believe energy work is something that everybody should explore and invest in, and Dré has the wisdom, skill, understanding to guide anyone through a transformative experience. I feel a huge shift in my being and my life feels like it has more meaning than ever!"

Andy R., Melbourne, Australia


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Sending you love! <3



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