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I offer co-creative, no-strings-attached (sometimes sassy) transcendental immersive experiences, unique to your evolutionary needs. No one-size-fits all methods because you are a sovereign fucking snowflake who marches to the beat of her/his/their own drum. Ra ra, little drummer human. 
Ra ra.     


Single Sessions

Below are my introductory offerings, for those seeking to explore the self-remembrance and transcendental healing arts. Choose the experience that sparks your curiosity, or if you're unsure about which yummy option to select (IKR, how to choose just one?), allow me to feel into which would be most expansive for you at this time. 

      ⤖Past-life Regression & Soul Retrieval

      Chart Interpretation (Astrology, Human Design, & Gene Keys)     

      Cord Cutting & Karmic Clearing

      Energy Assessment & Chakra Alignment

      Talk Therapy & Channeling

      Card Reading

      ⤖Animal Communication


Investment: $144/60 minute session


*I'll contact you to setup a date once payment has been received (using the link in the button above).♡


3 Session Packages

This is the next-level for those ready to dive into deep healing and release work. Mix and match any of the Tier 1 sessions, or choose from one of the curated experiences below.  Again, if you're unsure what to go with, I'm happy to assist you in selecting the most powerful level-up for you at this time. 

      ⤖Past Life Regression & Soul-Retrieval Deep Dive 

      Dream-Planting & Subconscious Rewiring

      ⤖Creative Mentorship & Radical Self-Expression

Investment: $400



*I'll contact you to setup a date once payment has been received (using the link in the button above).♡


Soulful Copywriting Public Speaking, & Collaborations

The art of storytelling is sacred to me. It is one of my greatest joys to tell my story, and assist others in sharing theirs in a way that inspires their audience and conveys their innermost truth. Whether you're looking for a disarmingly charming inspirational speaker for an event (me, obvs), desiring some professional help writing a badass bio to tell the world who you are, or seeking deliciously-you content for your website and social platforms, I'd be happy to discuss what a collaboration could look like. Below are some examples of the type of work I do in this area:

     ⤖Sacred Storytelling Mentorship

     ⤖Workshop Facilitation & Public Speaking

     Soulful and Authentic Copywriting & Content Writing

     ⤖Mutually beneficial and expansive collaborations 

Investment: Dependent upon project. Book a free consultation call below so that we may discover if partnering creatively is a full body FUCK YES for us both.