From a young age, I experienced phenomenon that many would deem inexplicable and perhaps even crazy. 

From my obsession with magic to casually recounting stories about past lives to speaking channeled light languages with innumerable “imaginary friends", whom I now understand to be spirit guides, I have always been intuitively connected to something far beyond the confines of this physical world.

Oh and did I mention that my Abuelo/life mentor was an alchemist?

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Fast forward to 2014—one year after graduating university, I had everything society told me I should have, but I was beyond unhappy.

The 9-5 job pushing papers confirmed that I don’t belong behind a desk, and although I was surrounded by friends and a long-term partner, I constantly felt empty, restless, and alone. 

I knew that it was time for a radical lifestyle change. I somehow mustered up the courage, and moved to the states to join the luxury super-yachting industry, as a means of supporting myself while also fulfilling my lifelong dream of travelling the world.

I had immense financial freedom and access to lavish experiences and destinations beyond the scope of my wildest dreams.


But soon, that empty, restless feeling had returned with a vengeance, and so, I turned to alcohol, drugs, and external validation to fill the void within me.


A rock bottom experience in 2015 lead me to a detox retreat in the South of Spain, where for the first time in years, I reconnected with my spiritual side.


Exploring the realms of yoga, meditation, energy work, and plant-based living, sparked within me a deep desire to know myself, to heal, to thrive.

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Magical Creature

I'm delighted that you're here. This is my story, and my promise to you.

So, I took off on my first ever solo backpacking voyage. Two weeks in Nicaragua turned into a 3 month trek up, down, and around all of Central America.

An inexplicable alignment of events, which I now know as synchronicity lead me to a festival in the Costa Rican jungle, where I found the piece of the puzzle I had misplaced somewhere along the way—magic. 


For the next few years, I travelled to all corners of the Earth by plane, car, train, chicken bus, pickup truck bed, and luxury super-yacht  gathering alchemical energy healing tools & techniques from near and far.


From plant medicine ceremonies led by Indigenous shamans from all over the world, to spending a year touring transcendental festivals, to experiencing and studying countless healing modalities, I was all in.  

I began to transmute the addictions, eating disorders, limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns which for years had kept me trapped in the suboptimal dimension where happiness always seemed just out of reach.

Energetic alchemy propelled me into a level of self-remembrance and divine alignment that I had stopped believing could be mine. 

I had found my calling. All of those childhood occurrences and all the hardships were not coincidences. They were signals that as my last name suggests (Shiny Bridge),

I am here in this earthly existence as a wayshower-- to guide others as they come back home to themselves, initiating them back into the realm of spirit, where the magic they have always dreamed of has been patiently waiting.

Today, I stand proudly in my purpose, ever grateful for the ability to be of service to humanity.

I guide and empower soul-driven badasses to release blockages preventing them from living their best lives.


I offer 1:1 Energy Work, Transformational & Creative Mentorship, and am also available for speaking engagements and group experiences.

It would be an honour to guide you as you step into the dimension of your dreams.

Dear Client,

I believe that you have come here because on some level, your soul is seeking to know itself better, to remember the magnitude of its own divinity. My deepest desire is to provide you with a sacred container where you feel safe, seen, and heard so that you have space to heal the parts of you that are yearning for your love and attention. A place for you to explore the depths of your emotional, spiritual, and cosmic waters, without fear of  judgment, and with full permission to be exactly as you are. 


I understand that you may feel skeptical or uncertain about delving into this realm and that’s perfectly fine. I salute you for your healthy skepticism. A wise man once told me that it’s important to be a good skeptic, which entails being skeptical of all things, not only those which fall outside the confines of what society has deemed acceptable or “normal”. And so, I invite you to trust yourself. Trust that you have come here for a reason. Trust in universal synchronicity. Trust that there are no coincidences, and that if even just 1% of you is curious about exploring the realm of energetic healing, then there’s something for you here. Something that may help you heal, learn, grow, and release the blockages that are holding you back from stepping into your most authentic and magnetic expression. 


I am here to guide you on your path. I will never claim that I can climb the mountain for you, or miraculously place you at the top, for only you know how to get there in your own divine time. My job is to point out pivotal spots on the map, hold out a loving hand in those moments where you feel that you might lose your footing, and help you remember that you’ve climbed far bigger mountains before. 


What we experience together is a co-creation between yourself and Spirit. I am simply here to facilitate, assuming the role of channel, through which the communication occurs. In French, my last name translates to “Shiny Bridge”, and that’s what I do, I help bridge the gap between yourself and your divinity, for in that space of remembrance that you are the saviour you’ve been seeking is where miracles ensue.


It is an honour and a pleasure to serve you as you embark on this alchemical voyage. You are the creator of your reality, and within you lies the power to manifest everything you have ever wished for and more. Thank you for doing the work (and don’t worry, eventually, the work becomes play). I look forward to walking beside you as you find your way back home to yourself.


With love & reverence, 


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