Welcome, Fellow Freedom Enthusiast

Allow me to share a story with you...

Once upon a present time (but what is even time?), the main character of the greatest story ever told stumbled upon—by no coincidence at all, my intriguing, albeit bizarre corner of the Inter-web.


*Spoiler alert: the main character is you

You had been through your share of pain, heartache, and a peppering of mind-boggling bullshit, so at times, as every human does, you felt trapped or limited by the circumstances of your life story.

You found yourself in a suboptimal version of reality, yearning for liberation from the shackles inhibiting you from rising into your highest, most deliciously effervescent expression.

Alas, like any good hero does, you persevered. You slayed (most of) the dragons, and you never gave up on your fairytale ending, because at your core, there’s always been a deep sense of knowing that freedom is your birthright. 

Freedom from the ghosts of your past and all that no longer serves you.


Freedom to live life on your own terms.


Freedom to rewrite your story however the fuck you choose to rewrite it.

I'm Dré.

Lightworker. Shadoworker.

Sacred Storyteller.

My last name means Shiny Bridge, and that’s what I do.


From a young age, I’ve had psychic abilities that allow me to harness and channel the healing forces of the Universe. I utilise them to help humanity find freedom by bridging the gaps between the shadows and the light that’s possible when one is bold enough to do the work.

I'm not a coach and I'm not a healer, as I believe YOU are the only healer you'll ever meet. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I don’t have a niche. I don’t have a 47-step process that guarantees infinite happiness tomorrow.


What I do have is many wild lifetimes worth of experience dancing in the brightest and darkest corners of the human condition, and a mission to help elevate and liberate the collective consciousness, one soul at a time. 


My raison d’être is to share the nuanced lessons of my story, along with the tools I’ve used to rewrite it, in order to help you rewrite yours.

Seven years ago, I embarked on an international spiritual scavenger hunt...

Gold Liquid




Single Sessions

Client Love

"Dré guided me through one of the most profound, powerful, and intense experiences of my life, when I decided to explore a Past Life Regression. Her passion for energy work was evident from the moment we began. Dré created a safe, comfortable space, and I softened into the knowing that I could trust her completely. I could sense her soft, calming, and guiding presence throughout the whole journey which allowed me to breathe deeply into the whole experience. I honestly believe energy work is something that everybody should explore and invest in, and Dré has the wisdom, skill, understanding to guide anyone through a transformative experience. I feel a huge shift in my being and my life feels like it has more meaning than ever!"

Andy R., Melbourne, Australia


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